The concern was started in the year 2007 as a partnership entity in the name of Shree Hari Projects to undertake and execute projects on contractual basis related to water supply, storage, drainage/treatment of effluent etc. in Private and Public Sector. Owing to growing business needs it was converted into Private Limited Company in 2009 as Shree Hari Infra Projects Pvt Ltd (SHIPPL).

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Bharatpur & Kumher Project

Work of Regional water supply schemes of 226 villages and their NRVs & dhanies, of Roopwas, Bharatpur & Kumher Tehsils of Distt. Bharatpur, under CDBP WS project and Augmentation of UWSS of Kumher town on Single responsibility turnkey basis i.e. Design, Build and Operation & Maintenance during defect liability period upto 1 year after completion of work & thereafter for 10 years. (Package-III)


PROJECT COST -  Rs. 200.49 Crores



Roopwas-Bharatpur-Kumher Project was conceived to benefit 226 villages of Roopwas Tehsil (112 villages), Bharatpur Tehsil (58 villages) and Kumher Tehsil (56 villages) along with Kumher town of Bharatpur District. The source of water for this project has been taken as Chambal River, the only perennial river of Rajasthan. Under this, transmission system, Intake structure at Chambal River, laying of 85 Km raw water main of 1200/1300mm dia up to Mallah (Bharatpur), & construction of raw water storage, filter plant & clear water storage at Bharatpur have been completed. The main transmission system upto Bharatpur is sufficient to handle the demand of 130.31 MLD water of 5 towns and 999 villages. Under Phase I part I of Global Chambal- Dholpur-Bharatpur Water supply Poject, water has reached at Bharatpur Mallah head works. Work of laying transmission line from Bharatpur Mallah to Deeg, Deeg to Nagar, and Deeg to Kaman –Pahari, CWRs at headworks is under execution. 


• 7 No. Clear Water Reservoirs (CWR) of total capacity 3400 KL at Madariyapura, Vinuan, Jirouli, Mahua, Awar, Sikrori and Dhanwara, and one CWR for Kumher Town (250 KL). 
• 8 No. pumping stations (PH) for rural clusters and one for Kumher town. 
• DI pipe lines of sizes from 100 mm to 200 mm & >450 mm, BWSC pipe lines of sizes from 250 mm to 400mm. ACE(P) Bharatpur NIT No 03/2013-14 Work of RWSS of 226 Villages of Roopwas, Bharatpur & Kumher     tehsils & Kumher town under Package-III CDBP WS Project (Cluster Distribution) Volume – II Scope of Work and Technical Specifications 
• uPVC pipe lines of sizes from 90 mm to 315 mm. 
• 11KV/.433V switchyards and transformers for all pumping stations. 
• Construction of 52 ESRs for rural cluster for feeding 226 villages and their other habitations and 2 ESRs for Kumher town and boundary walls of these campuses for feeding 226 villages and their OH and also       Kumher town. 
• Feeding these ESRs from the various PH. 
• Providing water from these ESRs to VTC of 226 villages with all metering provisions explained in subsequent chapters. 
• Laying pipe lines for the villages and other habitations (OH). 
• Laying pipelines in Kumher urban town. 
• Repairing of existing ESRs and integrate these ESRs in the system. 
• Repairing of various damaged GLRs and CWTs. 
• Provision for SCADA in pumping stations and ESRs 
• Provision for IEC activities in all villagess and their OH in the project area.